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Our SAN instructional classes set up the scholar for an extraordinary profession in SAN space and information space dominion. Experts who experience this serious SAN space instructional class might do amazingly well in SAN confirmation exams, SNIA certificate exams and merchant's space affirmation exams (EMC accreditation, HP affirmation, Brocade accreditation, NetBackupcertificate); SAN space employment talks with and create an in-profundity item comprehension throughout seller's space engineering instructional classes (EMC space preparing, NetBackupStorage preparing, HP Storage preparing and preparing on Cisco & Brocade SAN switches).

Often individuals take instructional classes on space items going from Storage switches to Arrays to Tape Devices to Storage Virtualization apparatuses. Nonetheless, few of them truly comprehend the range of space advances that made those items. Accordingly, there is an intense lack of individuals in the SAN space market who has an all encompassing comprehension of the space proficiencies and how they identify with every other.

San space instructional class blankets different innovations in SAN (Storage Area Network) Domain. It begins with information space, its imperativeness and hazardous development of information. It then happens to depict different Storage Topologies, for example, DAS, NAS and SAN which were developed to backing the exponential development in information.

Therefore, it blankets Fundamental Storage Protocols (SCSI, SATA, SAS, Fiber Channel, iscsi), Block Storage Technologies (RAID, Volume Manager), Storage Virtualization, Storage and Data Management techniques.the SAN instructional class is seller nonpartisan and it makes the actively present person totally acquainted with part of innovations encompassing Storage Area Networks and different complex issues and results thereof because of hazardous development of information.

EMC SAN Course Contents:
Part 1: Fundamentals of Storage Network Foundations
  • Direct Attached Storage (DAS)
  • Networking Attached Storage (NAS)
  • Storage Area Network (SAN)
  • FCP, FCIP, IFCP and FCoE
  • RAID concepts and Different Raid types
  • What is RPO & RTO
Part 2: Fiber Channel
  • Understanding Fiber channel protocol
  • Fiber channel Layers
  • Fiber channel components
  • Fiber Channel topologies & Addressing
  • Identify SAN components
Part 3: Brocade FC Switches Administration
  • Understand the Brocade Switch models
  • List basic functions and components
  • Identify Switch capabilities
  • Installation & Setup
  • Brocade zoning
  • Presenting LUN’s
  • Identify WWN, Port IDs, and Domain IDs
  • Understand the switch settings
  • Use Management Tools
  • Perform GUI configuration
Part 4 : Brocade Switch Administration
  • Perform Command Line configuration
  • Managing Fabrics
  • Brocade switch Routing & Brocade trunking
  • Understand SAN topologies
Part 5: Introduction to EMC CLARiioN Series
  • Understanding various Models of EMC Storage arrays
  • Understanding EMC CLARiioN Features
  • CLARiioN CX Architecture
  • Basic CLARiioN Management
Part 6: EMC CLARiioN management
  • Utilities to manage CLARiioN storage system
  • Structure of Navisphere Manager
  • Create and manage storage objects with Navisphere manager
  • Managing the storage system
  • Managing RAID Groups
  • Managing LUNS
  • Create and manage storage objects with Navisphere CLI
  • Managing the storage system
  • Managing RAID Groups
  • Managing LUNS
Part 7: EMC CLARiioN Management
  • Lun masking using Access Logix
  • Metalun and migration of LUN on the clariion
  • Powerpath management
  • Cache management
  • Event Monitor
  • Navisphere Analyzer
Part 8: EMC Clarion Management
  • Overview of EMC Powerpath, Configure & Manage Powerpath
  • Overview of Snapview, Configure and Manage snapview
  • Overview of SANCopy, Configure SANCopy
  • Overview of Mirror View, Configure Mirror View
  • Symmetric Foundation
  • Symmetric Architecture And Power System.
  • Confiuration Manager
  • Timefinder Configuration And Management
  • Srdf Configuration And Mangement
  • Advnaced Time Finder
  • Srdf Concepts.
  • Symm Device Reclamation Process
Part 10 EMC V-MAX
  • V-Max Architecture.
  • Difference Between Symm And V-Max.
  • Overview Of Symm Management Console (Smc)
  • Fa, Da And Cache Concepts
  • V-Max Allocation
  • V-Max Naming Convention And Renaming Intiatiors.
  • V-Max Device Reclaim Process.

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