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IBM AIX Interview Questions
  • How do I know if my volume group is normal, big, or scalable?
  • How do I create a volume group?
  • How can I change the characteristics of a volume group?
  • How do I create a logical volume?
  • How do I increase the size of a logical volume?
  • How do I display all logical volumes that are part of a volume group (e,g, rootvg)?
  • How do I list information about logical volumes?
  • How can I clone the rootvg?
  • How do I replace a disk?
  • How do I mirror a logical volume?
  • How can I display or set values for network parameters?
  • How do I get the IP address of my machine?
  • How do I identify the network interfaces on my server?
  • How do I activate a network interface?
  • How do I display routing table, interface and protocol information?
  • How will you create a file if a disk is given to you?
  • Difference between JFS & JFS2?
  • How will you find the inode number?
  • How will you find LTG size?
  • How will you change LTG size?
  • How will you find whether a quorum is up or not?
  • How to copy a LV from one VG to another?
  • Mirroring concept?

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