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Our Placements

Symantec Net Backup is comprehensive software that allows data protection through selection of innovative disks and tape options in the backup and recovery environment. It simplifies the management of backup policies. As claimed by Symantec it improves the speed of disk based backups with improved server virtualization.

Module 1: Introduction to Backup and Restore
  • What is Backup
  • What is Restore
  • Project scenario
  • Backup tools available
Module 2: About Symantec Netbackup
  • History
  • Versions
  • Features
Module 3: Netbackup Architecture
  • Roles of master, media and client servers
  • Enterprise media manager(EMM) server
  • Communication establishment between servers
Module 4 : Netbackup installation
Module 5: Hardware management
  • Media or Volume
  • Volume groups and Volume pools
  • Tapes available
  • Media states
  • Storage units and storage unit groups
  • Tape drives available
  • Tapes and tape drives compatibility
  • Robot configuration
  • Tape drive configuration
  • Robot inventory
  • Robtest
  • Automatic volume recognition(AVR) mode
Module 6: Netbackup policy Configuration
  • Attributes tab
  • Schedules tab
  • Clients tab
  • Backup selection tab
Module 7: Netbackup Process flow
  • Daemon or services in Netbackup
  • Unified daemons and Legacy daemons
  • Netbackup daemon flow diagram
Module 8: VM Backups
  • VM Backups policy creation
  • Generic error codes
Module 9: Catalog Database
  • Components in catalog DB
  • Cold catalog and hot catalog backups
  • Catalog backup Policy Creation
Module 10: Deduplication
  • Deduplication definition
  • Fingerprint technology works in deduplication
  • Types of deduplication
  • Requirements for deduplication
Module 11: Storage life cycle policies(SLP)
  • Storage life cycle policy definition
  • SLP uses - Duplication and multiple copies
  • Configuration of storage life cycle policy
  • Nbstlutil utility
  • Generic error codes for SLP
Module 12: Network data management protocol (NDMP)
  • Introduction to network data management protocol
  • Terminology in NDMP
  • NDMP host configuration
  • Types of NDMP backups
  • NDMP Policy creation
  • Generic error codes for NDMP
Module 13: Netbackup for SQL
Module 14: Netbackup for oracle
Module 15: Netbackup vault policy
  • Vault policy uses
  • Vault Policy creation
  • Access issues in vault policy
Module 16: Flash backups
Module 17: Netbackup logs
Module 18: Importing images
Module 19: Restore operation
Module 20: Activity monitor
Module 21: Netbackup version comparisons
Module 22: Information technology infrastructure library basics
  • ITIL introduction
  • Incident management
  • Problem management
  • Change management
  • Service level agreement(SLA)
Module 23: Data domain basics
  • High level watermark and low level water mark configuration
  • Data domain issues
Module 24: Troubleshooting
Module 01: Introduction to Commvault
Module 02: Simpana Commvault Architecture
Module 03: Simpana commcell management
  • Entering to commcell console
  • Commcell console
  • Control panel
  • Commserve DR backup
Module 04: User and Group security
Module 05: Storage policy configuration
  • Storage policy introduction
  • Retention
  • Data Aging
  • Stream management
  • Data Paths
  • Storage policy creation
  • Hide/Delete storage Policy
Module 06: Managing client computers
Module 07: Backup and restore management
Module 08: Media management
Module 09: Commcell monitoring
Module 10: Reports and alerts management
Module 11: Log collection and working with support
Module 12: Intellisnap management
Module 13: Troubleshooting

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