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                placed in HP
Congratulations to Harnek Singh
                placed in VMware
Congratulations to Srinivasulu
                placed in IGate
Congratulations to Veeresh
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Our Placements
VmWare / Vsphere Interview Questions
  • What is vCenter Agent?
  • What is the command used to restart SSH, NTP & Vmware Web access?
  • What are the types of Ports groups in ESX/ESXi?
  • What is VMKernel ?
  • What is the use of Service Console port ?
  • What is the use of VMKernel Port ?
  • What is the use of Virtual Machine Port Group?
  • How Virtual Machine communicates to another servers in Network ?
  • What is the default number of ports configured with the Virtual Switch?
  • What are the different types of Partitions in ESX server?
  • What are the security options available for ESX vswitch?
  • What is Promiscuous Mode ?
  • What is MAC Address changes?
  • What is Forged Transmits ?
  • What is a VLAN ?
  • What are the types of VLAN tagging in Vsphere?
  • What is VST , EST & VGT?
  • What are the Traffic Shaping policies available in the Vswitch?
  • What are the Load balancing policies available in vswitch?
  • What are the types for Network Failover Detection settings?
  • What is the command to check the IP address along with the detailed network cards assigned to the esx server?
  • what is the command to check the ESX vswitch details, port group and its ip address?
  • What is command to get the information about Service console ports and its IP address assigned to it?
  • what is the command to get the information about vmkernel ports and its ip address?
  • what is the command to get the information about physical nics installed on ESX server?
  • What is command to add the new virtual switch named (vswitch3) to our ESX server?
  • How to add the service console port (vswif2) to our newly created port group "mgmt" with the ip addr ?
  • How to change the ip addresss of the existing service console "vswif2"?
  • How to change the ESX host name and default gateway?
  • How to edit the DNS entry of your ESX server?

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